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Erotic ebook of short stories by Ruby Glow inventor Tabitha Rayne - this is a PDF copy - For Kindle, Paperback and Kindle unlimited click here.


Award winning author Tabitha Rayne, brings you a tantalising collection of tales to tease and turn you on...

With foreword from Girl On The Net. "Tabitha's work is a masterpiece of desire and lust - finding the intense hotness in a huge variety of characters and situations. I don't know whether to read this book or **** it. Might do both."

With over ten years of writing hot erotica, Tabitha presents this collection, from desperately fraught flash fiction to longer languid love stories, you're sure to find something to suit your mood and lift your libido.

"I want my words to make you want.
I’m sitting here in front of the keyboard feeling that welling in the pit of my stomach. That small rising—that gentle hint of an almost smile on a potential lover’s lips as you catch their eye across the bar… you know the feeling.
The intake of breath before the gasp. That one.
I let my fingers roam, imagining all the ways the letters could unfurl and line up again, twisting tendrils of lust through your eyes and ears down to your hot core.
Mmm yes, it’s that moment I love, the moment where simply consuming the words in front of you suddenly isn’t enough and you have to reach down, take control and own yourself because in this moment, that’s all there is."

Drenched by Tabitha Rayne - erotic ebook

VAT Included
  • This ebook is in PDF file format - you will be given a download link via email after purchase

    For Kindle file - click here

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