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Free UK P&P on orders over £50 

award winning vibrator

Ruby Glow is the world's first portable ride on vibrator.

It is non-penetrative and hands-free, making it ideal for those who  are looking for new ways to orgasm or those seeking an alternative to traditional sex toys.

And our range is expanding! 


Check out Ruby Glow Rosa!



the world's first ride on/wand combo!



unique hand sculpted grinders!

ruby_glow_Dusk-ride-on-vibrator-tilted- side view - double humped vibrator


the original ride on sex toy



A Unique Hands-Free Experience

Ruby Glow truly believes in ‘orgasms for all’ and this toy is great for women and vulva owners with reduced mobility, weakness or pain.

If you love to hump and grind you've come to the right place! We are dedicated to your ride on pleasures

About Ruby

With clothes on, you can still saddle-up and enjoy yourself – another benefit I like for when I’m in a hurry or just want to do something a little different.

Kate K

Slutty Girl Problems

What people say

Ruby Glow Orignial



Pubic dip

----   17cm   ----

How does it work?


Because of the saddle style design, the Ruby Glow massages and stimulates the whole vulva and vagina area.


Two independently vibrating pads are held in place by the pubic bone and operated by controls to the front. You can rock and grind against them or relax and let the vibrations do all the work.

It can be used through underwear or is skin safe for full body contact.

10 speed dual controls

----  6cm  ----

How does it work?
The Original ride on vibrator!
Ruby Glow
Do you love to hump and grind?
Ruby Glow Dusk externally massages and stimulates your clit, vulva and vagina area.

Me and Ruby

Tabitha Rayne, Ruby Glow inventor making a cheeky exprssin as she holds two RubyGlow sex toys up, one as if it i a phone

Tabitha Rayne - Inventor 


“I wanted a vibrator I could use while writing saucy erotica on my computer and quickly realised that this shape was something that could be used by many women. Perhaps you don’t like phallic sex toys, or you have weakness in your wrists, mobility issues or you simply can’t reach to operate a traditional sex toy.  I sometimes suffer from arthritis and back pain so being able to sit on Ruby Glow without having to lean over or reach down made a big difference to me.”

Read more on Tabitha’s blog

Me and Ruby

Ruby GLow Blush info here!

ride on wand combo!
Ruby Glow
Ruby Glow Blush transforms from a seated ride on sex toy to an internal vibrator in one easy move.

Free UK P&P over £50

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