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A beautiful illustration in blue hues by artist Hazel Mead - shows a non binary person wearing glasses looking over their shoulder to where their hand holds a Ruby Glow Blush wand vibrator to their bottom. The words liberating, arousing, cheeky are surrounding them

choose your glow

Ruby Glow Rosa 

New name - the same versatile sex toy experience!

Ruby Glow Rosa wand combo transforms from a seated ride on sex toy to an internal vibrator in one easy move

Choose Your glow

Choose your Blush

We've teamed up with illustrator
Hazel Mead to show you some of the
oh, Oh, OH so many ways to use your
Ruby Glow Rosa wand combo!


Ruby Glow Blush is the brand new product from Ruby Glow and OH OH OH there are so many ways to enjoy it. Mix it up 

Slow and Sensual

Feeling like a long slow ride? Saddle up and let Ruby Rosa do its thing...

A beautiful illustration in purple hues by artist Hazel Mead - a woman in bra and pants is on her bed riding atop a Ruby Glow Blush ride on vibrator sex toy - the words Erotic, sensual, slow and ride are surrounding her
A beautiful illustration in hot red hues by artist Hazel Mead - a woman leans back on her arm holding a Ruby Glow Blush wand vibrator to her vulva - she is nude and in erotic bliss. the words steamy, lust, self love and raw are surrounding her

Fire up that furnace!

Explore your body and get hot Hot HOT with yourself!

Maybe a lil bit of bum fun?

Another cool feature of the Ruby Glow Rosa is the flared hump in the middle allowing some anal exploration...

Like a bit of cheeky fun?

A beautiful illustration in blue hues by artist Hazel Mead - shows a non binary person wearing glasses looking over their shoulder to where their hand holds a Ruby Glow Blush wand vibrator to their bottom. The words liberating, arousing, cheeky are surrounding them
A beautiful illustration by artist Hazel Mead - a couple - one person in blue hues holding a small remote control is above in a separate pane, another person in pink hues holding a Ruby Glow Blush wand vibrator with love hearts flowing through the space between them both.  The words: together, remote, control are surrounding them

together from afar

Remote controlled

With a whopping 15m range your and your partner can play together from afar. Let your imagination wrap itself round that for a minute...

Me and Ruby Rosa

Tabitha Rayne, white female with light hair - she is the Ruby Glow Blush inventor making a cheeky exprssin as she holds two Ruby Glow sex toys up, one as if it is a phone

Tabitha Rayne - Inventor 


“I am truly delighted to be able to share Ruby Glow Rosa at last! With so much versatility I can't wait for you to try it out. From inventing the Ruby Glow original for ride-on pleasure, to this new and improved all round orgasm maker I'm thrilled and I hope you'll love yours as much as I love mine!"

"We've taken great care to listen to our customers and improve and add to the unique features. We teamed up with sex positive illustrator Hazel Mead to offer some great ideas to use the toy.”

Read more on Tabitha’s blog

The world’s first ride on vibrator and wand combo!

Me and Ruby
Ride on experience

Free P&P UK on orders over £50

Brought to you by Tabitha Rayne and Rocks Off so you can be assured of quality in design and manufacture
A side view of Ruby Glow Blush: curvy silicone sex toy nestled in an ABS charging unit that follows the same curves in complementary crimson tones
The full ride on sex toy experience

Straddle your Ruby Glow Rosa in the charging cradle for a compact yet powerful external vulva and perineum massage. Held in place by your pubic bone, the vibrating pads are driven by dual motors delivering deep rumbling stimulation to where you need it most. The front higher end stimulates your clitoris while the middle hump at the vaginal opening applies delicious pressure to tease as you ride. Each pad has a ten-speed vibration pattern so you can lose yourself as you find your perfect combination. The cheeky anal nodule provides that little extra treat for a truly unique experience. Strong magnets hold both parts in place while the silicone feet anchor the toy securely to your chair.

Built with strength and durability in mind from body-safe silicone and ABS,

Ruby Glow Rosa makes stimulation of the vagina, clitoris and even your anus

just as easy as sitting.  The beautiful curves create an aesthetically pleasing

vibrator that is comfortable to ride or hold. Full instructions.

With the remote control

Let your lover take over with the remote control or tease yourself mercilessly through deep hands-free stimulation in all the right places. Easy to use silky soft buttons make this a fun way to play.

As a wand

To release the wand from the charging cradle simply lift it out. You can still use it as a ride on without the base—this is especially good if you fancy having a grinding session in the bath or on very soft furnishings.

Once separated, your Ruby Glow Rosa is a powerful, waterproof, easy to hold G-spot penetrating wand. Turn your Rosa around so the clitoral stimulator end is now the wand head and prepare for penetration. The middle hump can rub up against the labia and even clitoris, stimulating many areas at once. The control buttons on the smaller end are perfectly placed for ease of use.

an instructional picture showing a side view of Ruby Glow Blush revealing dual purpose sex toy  - a curvy wand vibrator lifts out of the base charging unit. The velvety silicone wand is curved at the clit end with a hump in the middle for maximum pleasure contact. Complementary crimson tones add to the lush design.
Why choose Ruby Glow Rosa?

The versatility of the Ruby Glow Rosa makes it a comprehensive pleasure maker. It takes the focus away from penetration, unless you want it, of course.

The Ruby Glow delivers a full vulva and perineum massage, making it easy to edge yourself or just ride an orgasmic roller-coaster of vibrating pleasure.

From clitoris to anus and everything between, the Ruby Glow Rosa is the ride on sex toy experience of your life.

Explore your body

Ergonomically designed to be lightweight and comfortable, the contours of the wand hug close to all your erogenous zones making exploration of your body a sensual delight. Because the middle hump is wider than the shaft, the wand head can also be used anally for some wonderful new sensations.

Ruby Glow Blush wand held between someone's finger and thumb to show scale. lovely curves show a peak at one end for internal stimulation, a hump in the middle and a nodule at the end where the control buttons are
 almond shaped remote control for the Ruby Glow Blush held between thumb and finger to show scale

"Expertly designed and crafted with only one thing in mind… your pleasure"

four illustrations of the Ruby Glow Blush by Hazel Mead - top left - red hot - figure lying back holding the wand vibrator to their vulva - top left - relaxing purple showing a woman riding her full Ruby Glow Blsuh wand vibrator in the cradle- bottom left - NB person holding wand to bottom and looking cheekily over their shoulder - bottom right - a couple sharing sexy fun using the Ruby Glow Blush wand alongside the remote control

Ruby Glow Rosa Specifications

Sleek, sophisticated, velveteen medical grade silicone, with just the right density and girth. Lightweight, easy to control, rechargeable with light up charge points.



  • Cradle

  • Wand

  • Recharge points on cradle and wand – you can use either

  • Rechargeable remote control

  • Waterproof wand

  • External stimulation

  • Internal G-spot stimulation

  • Vibrant complementary colours

  • Body-safe silicone and ABS

  • USB Rechargeable, cables included


Instructions for use

As a ride on toy in the charging cradle:

  • Take the wand from the cradle and switch on via the buttons on the smaller hump and replace in the cradle.

  • Control the dual settings with the remote control

  • The Ruby Glow Blush in the charging cradle is ready to straddle – simply place between your legs with the higher hump outside your pubis and sit with your pubic bone anchoring the middle hump in place.

  • Using the remote control, work your way through the settings to find your favourite combination.

  • Relax and enjoy the ride!*

  • You can even use the Ruby Glow Blush through clothing


*The ride on element of the Ruby Glow Rosa should be arousing and feel comfortable at all times. Should you feel any pressure at your coccyx (tail bone) at all, tilt your pelvis forward. If it continues, take the wand out of the cradle to lower the rear hump. If you are still experiencing discomfort move the middle hump to the front clitoris area and ride the smaller hump. Ruby Glow Rosa will still deliver deep vibrations to your clitoris and vaginal area from this position.


As a ride on toy:

  • Simply remove from the charging cradle and use as above! Handsfree ride-on stimulation

  • Take in the bath for added fun


As a wand

  • Hold the wand at the smaller end, as if using in reverse

  • Operate the buttons on the wand itself

  • Easy to hold clit stimulator

  • Internal G-spot stimulation with the middle hump as a clit stimulator

  • Fully submergible for fun in the bath

  • Flared so can be used for anal stimulation

  • Remember to use a good water-based lube


To switch off

  • Press and hold the smaller button on the wand or the remote control


Charging (all cables supplied)

  • The cradle doubles as a USB charging port – simply plug in and rest the wand in the cradle, the logo lights will illuminate to let you know this is happening

  • The wand and the remote control have magnetic USB charging points


"Building on the success of its predecessor, the ground breaking Ruby Glow, this innovative next-generation design is a leap forward in terms of function, form and performance" Joanne, Joanne's Sex Machine Reviews

Free P&P UK over £50