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A Ruby Pledge - from my heart to yours

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So I need to come clean here. At the moment, this website is run by one person, me, Tabitha Rayne, Ruby Glow inventor. I try to keep it professional by making it look like other people write the blogs, but no it’s just me, for now.

The reason I’m telling you this is because this I have been quite quiet on this blog recently during the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride – (though much more active on my personal pages and social media).

I wanted to explain this. Every way I tried to word a post here, it felt awkward, like it could be seen as, hey we support you now buy a vibrator! A kind of corporate cashing in which makes my skin crawl and the opposite of what I wanted to portray.

So here it is from my heart to yours.

I (and when this company grows, we) support Black Lives Matter, LGBTQIA and marginalised people’s rights. I have been reading, listening, learning and giving support where I can, financially and hopefully emotionally. I run this company with compassion at its heart and as it grows it will always have that, I will make sure of it.

I am constantly checking myself for wording, terminology, accessibility, inclusivity and acknowledging my position of privilege to be able to have invented a sex toy in the first place. I have almost given up a few times, but keep on battling through when I dig deep and remember my inventions are for people’s preferences, abilities, and bodies that might have been overlooked by the pleasure industry in the past.

Please be assured, I will listen and am always trying to improve. I’ve learned many lessons along the way and am correcting, adapting and growing. If you feel this isn’t happening please reach out:

There are many resources on the internet for you to expand your own knowledge and grow, I particularly love this article from the Intimology Institute:

A Resource Guide For Race Education To Encourage Inclusive Living & Wellness

“Sexual wellness is intrinsically linked to racial justice and equality for all, and Black people in particular. This is not only because Black people face the greatest inequalities when it comes to sexual and reproductive health access but also because the sexuality movement has been and continues to be led by the Black community. Pride Month would not exist were it not for the activism of Black, Queer people.”

The entire post is a wealth of information, I thoroughly recommend clicking the link.

I will be looking for sexual health, sex education and pleasure writers to contribute to this site and make it a more diverse and inclusive space in the near future. I have been unable to offer enough of a fee in the past so hopefully things will change soon and I can start paying and get some new voices over here.


I love you.

Thank you for reading.

Tabitha x



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