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Ruby Glow Rosa

white font reads Ruby Glow Rosa over a blurred red sex toy

New name, same fantastic orgasms!

Hello and welcome - I'm delighted to announce the new look ride on wand combo - Ruby Glow Rosa!

We decided we should never be coyly blushing over our pleasure - we should be celebrating and Rosa is a glorious reflection of this! The beautiful rosy glow that takes over when you're rubbing your ruby to orgasmic heights is worth celebrating and so her we are in all our glory, inviting you to do the same! Read the introduction in the Erotic Trade Only magazine.

Ruby Glow Rosa is the world's first and best Ride On and Wand combination sex toy. You can simply straddle it and grind against the perfectly placed vibrating pads, or lift out of the cradle to reveal a deliciously designed g-spot and p-spot wand.

If you would like to see how the Ruby Glow Rosa works and see someone using it for their pleasure delights you can! This toy has featured in the glorious erotic film Ruby Glow by FrolicMe and inspired a sexy story of the same name by Lily Harlem. Immerse yourself in the joys of Ruby Glow Rosa over at your favourite ethical porn site, FrolicMe.

Happy humping!

With so much love,

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Sk Tanish Parvez
Sk Tanish Parvez
29 may

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