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Edinburgh Sex Toys in Fringe Show!

a poster of Alphabet Soup queer comedy brunch with the words Edinburgh sex toys in Fringe show in pink and yellow
A Press Release! Local sex toy inventor supports Edinburgh Fringe show!

The vibrant energy of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe just got a little spicier this year, thanks to a sex positive collaboration between Alphabet Soup's Queer Comedy Brunch and Edinburgh's original ride on sex toy range, Ruby Glow! The show brings together the world of creativity, inclusivity, diversity and a whole lot of laughs.

Alphabet Soup's Queer Comedy Brunch is making waves with its activism, saucy humour and LGBTQI+ representation. Not only does it feature comedians all the way from LA, the cabaret opens its doors to local talent to showcase their own shows. And we love that spirit! Adding an extra sprinkle of excitement, local author and sex toy inventor, Tabitha 'Godmother of Grind' Rayne, jumped at the chance to support the event. With a flair for both the written word and groundbreaking inclusive pleasure, Rayne has provided sexy props and prizes that perfectly complement the event's unique atmosphere.

open mouthed smiling people - Tabitha and Seven G hugging in front of Alphabet soup poster
Tabitha Rayne and Seven G

"I've always been a lover of the arts, so when Seven G approached my Edinburgh sex toy company, Ruby Glow, to be a prize sponsor for the show, I was over the moon to contribute!" said Tabitha Rayne. "In times like these, embracing sex positivity, inclusivity, and laughter is essential, and I'm thrilled to play a tiny a part in it."

A Showcase of Diverse Talent

The LGBTQI+ Queer Comedy Brunch isn't just about chuckles – it's a platform for celebrating diversity, pushing boundaries and giving a voice to marginalised communities in these fraught times. The show features a lineup of exceptional comedians and activists hailing mainly from LA. Kicking off the laughter is the delightful Jordan T Brodie, setting the stage for an afternoon of unadulterated fun and entertainment. The show is hosted by a captivating duo, 7G and Alyssya Poteet who add a layer of unique chemistry to a packed event showcasing so much incredible talent like Hank Chen, Antjuan Tobias and Janaya Future Khan.

artists from Alphabet Soup queer comedy brunch and Tabitha Rayne in the middle as the had Edinburgh sex toys in Fringe show
Hank Chen, Jordan T Brodie, Tabitha Rayne, Alyssa Poteet and Antjuan Tobias

"In a world where human rights are being eroded, censorship and division are becoming more prevalent, standing up for the arts and performers is more important than ever," remarked Tabitha Rayne. "As an artist who appreciates creativity, inclusivity and self-expression, supporting an event like this is a privilege."

Beyond its sponsorship, The Ruby Glow's influence is felt through its artistic and empowering creations. The Edinburgh sex toy company's hand-sculpted and art-inspired products, including the intriguing Dreams Tentacle Grinder, offer a fresh perspective on pleasure that's all about embracing non-anatomical, non-penetrative experiences to break down taboos and help people explore their sensuality.

Alphabet Soup Queer Comedy Brunch is set to run until August 28th, offering attendees not only a memorable entertainment experience but also a chance to indulge in a delicious lunch accompanied by a cocktail, exclusively available with VIP tickets.

Tabitha thoroughly enjoyed the show and even joined in the audience participation - never one to shy away from a spotlight, she loved taking part in the arm wrestling competition... she did not care to say if she won...

"I wish Alphabet Soup and all the performers loads of love and success for the rest of the festival and it was amazing to watch the energy they brought all this way. One of the things that really impressed me (apart from how super talented they all are) is their resourcefulness to overcome the crazy Edinburgh Festival accommodation costs by staying at a disused nuclear bunker! Very inspiring!"

Get your tickets Alphabet Soup Queer Comedy Brunch here venue 47, 1pm daily at Shanghai Le Mond Hotel 16 George Street, EH2 2PF

And if arm wrestling your way to winning your newest favourite ride on sex toy feels like too much effort - you can buy your Ruby Glow right now! Use code TabithaSays at checkout for 10% off all products

Happy Fringing!

Lots of love

Ruby Glow

I feel Fringe!



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