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Accessibility and Sex Toy Talk at SQIFF

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

two feet with lace boots stand toe to toe as if talking - emblazoned over image says Sex Toy Talk at SQIFF
Scottish Queer International Film Festival

As part of the Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Ruby Glow and Tabitha Rayne will be taking part in a sex and accessibility discussion panel hosted by Luke and Jack, Scotland's premier sex shop.

On the 4th October from 6.30-7pm at Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow, we'll be talking alongside sex blogging powerhouse, Girl on the Net and Disabled Producer and Founder of Creative Talent Connections, Claire Maguire to dive into accessibility in sex and and all things sexy. Get your tickets here and join the conversation!

a selection of badges saying - Gay, lesbians ignite, gender outlaw, be proud with wording SQIFF Scottish International film festival

We're really looking forward to finding out what people are seeking when it comes to accessibility and their sexual life - what they need, what they desire and above all, if we are providing it successfully!

Here's a quick glimpse into one of the reasons Ruby Glow is hands-free, Tabitha's blog- Awkward Hands.

The Scottish Queer Independent Film Festival aims to "screen movies that people might not otherwise get a chance to see and create inspiring and informative events alongside challenging inequality and barriers to accessing the arts".

Luke and Jack explain why they are big fans of the festival in this blog "We are determined to support as many accessible, supportive, sex positive projects and events as we are physically and financially able. SQIFF has an outstanding record of doing this over the last five years…but still does it from a stance of learning".

We'll be talking about the creation of Ruby Glow from concept to climax and are delighted to reveal that we will be giving an exclusive glimpse of the newest toy in the Ruby Glow range!

All this and some fantastic queer cinema should make for a brilliant weekend - take a look and book some films! See you there x x



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