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Everybody loves Tentacle Grinders!

a purple background with the words Tentacle Grinders overlayed on sensual lips illustration and a Ruby Glow Rides Dreams grinder with tentacle for the clit to grind against

As you may know, every day is Humpday here at Ruby Glow HQ! And today I wanted to highlight a hump favourite in our range.

Ruby Glow Rides is my newest collection of 'interactive sculptures' or grinders, and the gorgeous Dreams is one of my favourite tentacle grinders ever! As with all our ride on toys, the unique saddle shape means that you can grind your clit and vaginal opening against the lovely pads while holding the toy in place with your pubic bone, ensuring a sweet secure ride every time!

Tentacle grinders have been big news this year and I've always loved the deliciously sexy art that can go along with them. Dreams of the Fisherman's Wife is an erotic woodprint from over two hundred years ago by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai which directly inspired my initial designs for this grinder. I love the print so much that I also have an arm tattoo that makes me feel enveloped in the erotic all day long.

Watch my video featuring the Ruby Glow Rides Dreams and live out your tentacle grinder fantasy :)

All my Rides grinders are hand sculpted by me (Tabitha Rayne - erotic author, artist and inventor) and hand poured in Scotland in body safe premium silicone.

If you'd like to hear more about Hokusai's incredible piece, Esme Louise James gives a fantastic description on insta:

And please do check out my book list for your next favourite erotic tale :) I make sexy audio too to get you in the mood for self love inside and out ;)

I'll leave you with a glimpse of my magnificent tattoo and a discount code - simply use TABITHASAYS at checkout for 10% off any product in my shop.

Thank you for reading about tentacle grinders and please do indulge yourself!

lots of love,

Tabitha Rayne signature in pink

x x



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