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This is Your Year to Ride!

TITLE IMAGE _ title over pic: GET READY TO RIDE in bold font - image:image is a series of 4 illustrations by Hazel Mead - the first shows a nude figure lying back pleasuring themself with a Ruby Glow wand - red image - next purple image of woman riding the ruby glow ride on sex toy on her bed wearing undies, lilac tones, next a person looks cheekily over their shoulder holding the wand part of the toy to their bottom - with words, cheeky bum fun around, last image dark blue hues with a couple showing the remote control in use for partnered pleasure.

Well hello there!

Calling all you pleasure seekers who like to ride, hump, grind and wind your way to orgasmic bliss!

I'm telling you now 2022 is going to be your (our) year! Woop! Ride-on sex toys are going to be the big new trend in the pleasure world.

The long awaited Ruby Glow Blush is arriving on our shores in the next couple of months and you will be the very first to know when I get my hands on them...

If you've been a customer in the past you're eligible for a great discount which was sent to you at the time - I'll of course send you a reminder code closer to the Ruby Glow Blush release date.

Please take a read of this article featuring a glimpse of the new Ruby Glow Blush in the EAN - where I talked all about the design and concept with pleasure expert Colleen Godin.

You can download a PDF of the article below

EAN interview with Tabitha Rayne on Ruby Glow Blush - Colleen Godin
Download PDF • 262KB

While there will always be plenty of consumers who adore penetration, the sex-positive movement has given other types of sensual stimulation a deserved platform. If pleasure boutiques can sell slat wall after slat wall of sex toys to target G-spots, there‘s bound to be just as many consumers who would gladly help products for grinding and humping to disappear from the shelves – if only such products even existed. Tabitha Rayne, the industry-famous erotica author turned sex toy inventor, felt this exact conundrum when she launched the original Ruby Glow ride-on, external vibrator

It's always a pleasure to talk with Colleen, and I hope you enjoy reading all about my journey into designing ride-on sex toys! It is a bit of a thing for me that we humpers and grinders have been a little bit left out - especially as saddle style toys offer a great opportunity to provide pleasure for those who might not connect with other vibrators and sex toys on the market. Indeed when I first came up with the idea, I really felt that sex toys simply weren't for the likes of me!

I'm hoping we are now starting to find our tribe and give a big satisfied roar that ride on sex toys for the humpers, grinders, hip winders and more show people that sex toys can bring pleasure however you like them to. The new Ruby Glow Blush is very versatile and if you're feeling more adventurous it can be used internally for G-spot and anal stimulation - as you know, one thing can often lead to another when it comes to sex...

The Rocks Off design team and I have been working extra hard to take on board suggestions from original Ruby Glow users, and other experts to ensure that we have designed a product with all bodies and inclusivity in mind.

Orgasms should be available to everyone who desires them and I'd love to be able to facilitate that in even a small way. #OrgasmsForAll

I was interviewed by Hallie Lieberman for the Wall Street Journal as part of an article highlighting companies and individuals promoting and designing sex toys for disabled people and the importance of this. I'm forever grateful to people like Ginny from My Disabled Sex Life who wrote about Sex and Disability for the Ruby Glow blog and does fantastic work over on Instagram talking about her sex life as a queer disabled woman.

So... to hear the MOMENT Ruby Glow Blush becomes available to pre order please subscribe below!

Oh go on then, twist my arm! I wasn't going to do this but as I can't upload a preview video to blog posts... please take a sneaky peek at the Ruby Glow Blush page :)

Cannot WAIT to get us all vibrating with joy this spring!

Lots of love,

Tabitha x x

PS - if you didn't know, I write sexy books and record audio erotica - so if you fancy getting in the mood... take a look over at my website -

May 2022 bring you all the orgasms and pleasure you rightfully deserve!



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