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Sit on Vibrators? Perfect for Eroticon!

an illustration of red lips with sensual tentacles slippery and wet being held - by Hazel Mead for Ruby Glow RIdes sit on vibrators and grinders
Ruby Glow Rides Illustration by Hazel Mead

Eroticon is the UK's biggest sex writing and blogging event and the very place where we first showcased Ruby Glow waaayyyyy back in 2016!

If you haven't met Ruby Glow properly yet, it's a range of ride on sex toys including, sit on vibrators [Ruby Glow Dusk], saddle style ride-on wand combos [Ruby Glow Blush] and NEW sexy silicone grinders [Ruby Glow Rides]!

Why Eroticon?

Hello, *grins and waves* I'm Tabitha Rayne, erotic author and inventor of these lovely ride on delights. I first came up with the idea for a saddle style sit on vibrator or grinder when I was writing a particularly HOT scene. Being an editor and huge fan of the writing process, while I write, I always try to be feeling what I want my reader to be feeling...

Sad scene? There'd better be tears dripping onto the laptop keys... Funny? I'd better be wetting my knickers in mirth... you get the idea.

So, writing orgasmic scenes means soaking the chair in other ways - TMI? Apologies but it is a very big perk of the job! While trying to write through a hot romance scene, I might have to 'take a break' to alleviate some of the desires. I decided that if I could just use a sit on vibrator or saddle style grinder, on my chair, through my pants, I could keep writing and my stories would be even more erotic.

I couldn't find anything to suit and so made it myself!

Again... why Eroticon?

Well, you have a great idea... you make some prototypes, now what? Who can can you ask to test the things out and make sure it's not just you with a wonky fanny, and that actually, you actually have a good idea? Enter, the Brit Babes - a group of erotica authors I met and became part of at Eroticon in 2014 I think... maybe earlier! Some of them, including KD Grace tried out my design and loved it! So that's when I knew I had a great idea.

Around that time I was stuck down with arthritis which meant I couldn't use my wrists (or any part of my body really) without extreme pain and weakness. I realised there was no way I could reach orgasm by myself, even using sex toys as some of them require quite a lot of strength and dexterity. Thoughts of being able to use the Ruby Glow sit on vibrator really spurred me on and make something for those of us who not only want an alternative kind of sex toy, but also need an alternative kind of sex toy. Ride on and sit on sex toys and grinders were very rare back then, unless they were huge sex machines which were very cumbersome, expensive and not too discreet.

Orgasms for all!

I'm pleased to say when I pitched it into reality and had it manufactured, it has really seemed to have inspired lots more attention to this kind of sex toy. I'm very proud to have played a small part in ensuring pleasure isn't overlooked for people with different sexual needs. For example, being a non-penetrative toy means that people living with vaginismus can still enjoy sexual pleasure through grinding on the Ruby Glow Dusk, or Ruby Glow Rides. I take great care to design sex toys which don't resemble genitals and that offer a way for people who might have body image issues, or sexual trauma where they feel disconnected to their genitals to still experience pleasure. Ruby Glow aims to include as many people as possible. While my grind on range is perfect for stimulating your vulva, the Ruby Glow Blush has an insertable portion which can be used anally and can also be used to cradle the penis or testicles.

This has turned in to a bit of an essay - which is quite fitting since it's about a sex writing conference!

After finding the positive feedback at Eroticon, I introduced the very first Ruby Glow there in 2016 and was about to launch Ruby Glow Blush there in 2020 - the VERY weekend that Covid lockdown hit and the conference was cancelled!

So this is the first Live Eroticon event since 2019! And this time, I've teamed up with sex positive illustrator Hazel Mead who will be helping me showcase my more recent trio of grinders, Ruby Glow Rides!

3 silicone grinders in purple, red lips and blue tentacle sit on vibrator - Ruby Glow Rides is the text

I'm absolutely in love with these designs and the gorgeous complementary artwork that Hazel has created for the range. These are hand sculpted silicone grinders that have been inspired by my favourite works of art. You can take a look here and read my introductory blog here. Using the original and core concept of the first Ruby Glow, the Rides range have a clitoral stimulation hump at the front, then a dip for your pubic bone which anchors it in place, then another hump to stimulate your vagina and perineum area. If you like an extra buzz, the Rides can also be transformed into sit on vibrators if you choose the option with space for a bullet vibe.

As a sponsor of Eroticon, you will be able to meet the full Ruby Glow range in all its glory and feel for real while hearing all about the creative process of designing art and branding for sex toys with Hazel Mead - who will be bringing her new book too! So much to explore and see.

Eroticon runs from this Friday evening through to Sunday, with workshops, speakers and more all dedicated to sex words and the erotic experience.

And if you're a sex writer or blogger attending Eroticon, you know where to find your perfect writing companion ;)

If you have vaginismus or would like to learn more, I can't recommend The Vaginismus Network enough. I'll be a speaker at their upcoming Summer Event on 27th June, all welcome, there are some fantastic panelists hosted by the Vag Network founders Kat and Lisa.

Hope to see you soon!

a poster that says, Ruby Glow Rides where self love and art meet with art by Hazel showing tentacles and grinders


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