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The Big Reveal: Ruby Glow Dusk

Image shows a pink lily in the background with a double humped purple ruby Glow Dusk vibrator in foreground - with words, the Big Reveal in white square

Ruby Glow Dusk - as seen in this month's Erotic Trade Only magazine!

If you subscribe to the ETO magazine you will have had a glimpse of the newest member of the Ruby Glow family manufactured by the mighty Rocks Off! Ruby Glow Dusk will be officially launched by Rocks Off in July at the ANME trade show in Los Angeles.

Keeping all the benefits of the original with some new features, Ruby Glow Dusk now in a sensual deep aubergine tone brings you the orgasmic joy of seated pleasure like no other vibrator!

Sticking to our hands-free, ride-on principals we asked Joanne from Joanne’s Sex Machine Reviews to give it a whirl...

“The controls are easy to get to and now much more logical in their operation. The ten settings for the two vibrating motors are very lovely indeed and always do the trick for me.

I am a disabled reviewer and lover of sex toys; I have fibromyalgia and arthritis in my wrists for my sins. I often find holding vibrators to be a pain due to my condition, and it is so nice to be able to sit on the Ruby Glow Dusk where the two mounds can create some fantastic sensations as I grind myself onto it. It is a very versatile unique vibrator, and the perfect sex toy for anyone with disabilities like my own or if you want to be able to masturbate while using both of your hands for other tasks.

The Ruby Glow Dusk takes the genius of the original and tweaks a winning formula to give it a new look and functionality. I hope more people can get to know just how good it is for people with disabilities like mine or even vaginismus.”

woman with eyes closed and a shimmering glow about her smiles - purple lips and a bow in her hair, brown background

Lisa, one of the founding members of Vaginismus Network, an online place to support those living with vaginismus, agreed, “I love my Ruby Glow! As a woman with vaginismus, Ruby Glow is a non-invasive, alternative way for me to experience sexual pleasure."

Find Lisa's comments and Joanne's full review on the June issue of the Erotic Trade Only magazine.

We're really looking forward to the main launch of Dusk in LA but you can pre-order yours right now - £39.99 with free P&P!

All trade and review enquiries please contact Rocks Off direct.

Huge thanks to Joanne, Lisa, Rocks Off and the ETO for showcasing Ruby Glow Dusk!

blue suede chair with a ruby Glow Dusk vibrator placed in front on a grey manequin's crotch to show scale. vibrator is at a slight angle to show two humps and a dip in the middlei


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