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Vaginismus and You! Join the Chat in Glasgow

bold black font says - The Vaginismus Network with pink and yellow VN logo and small rainbos stag logo for Luke and jack - for vaginismus and you chat

Come along to Luke and Jack THIS SATURDAY 11th January for an evening of chat and information on sexual pleasure while living with vaginismus - hosted by Kat from The Vaginismus Network with Ruby Glow inventor Tabitha Rayne.

This is a FREE event in an inclusive, friendly and safe place.

There will be talk about dilators and non-penetrative sex toys and and here's what Tabitha had to say about the Ruby Glow design stage:

As you can see plastered all over my site, I invented the Ruby Glow which is specifically a non-penetrative sex toy. This is because when I was designing it, I was truly bewildered by the fact that at that time, there only seemed to be clitoral stimulators or phallic dildos and vibrators. So many rabbits too- which actually terrified me and, to this day, I have never even had a rabbit vibrator anywhere near me. I wanted a full vulva experience without feeling like I had to shove something up me… sounds strange maybe. I also wanted to be able to use the toy through clothing. I think that some women and folks with vulvas may sometimes feel disconnected to their genitals, having full body contact might be off-putting. There’s times when I feel like that. I wanted a toy that was sensitive to that headspace, and could still be used during that time. We are complex creatures and sometimes I might not feel happy in my body or comfortable in my skin, but I still want to get off.

If you do come along on Saturday night, we'll be giving you a peek of something new coming out this year… a brand new evolution of our ever popular ride on vibrator!

Can't wait to see you! You can read Tabitha's full post, Pure Fannies! Talking vaginismus in Glasgow.

You can read more about our chat with Kat from the Network, What is Vaginismus.


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