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Valentine's sale! Ride on for less!

Ride on sex toy sale! Yes Yes! Since Valentine's Day has always been my favourite day, I'm going to do my best sale ever for all you grinders and humpers!

Let's go for the big saucy £69.99 for my Ruby Glow Blush

and sticking to the naughty numbers...

Let's go for £26.69 for my Ruby Glow Dusk

Wait, what are these things?

If you're new to the concept of ride on sex toys, grinders and saddle style vibrators, WELCOME!

I'm Tabitha Rayne, an erotic author and artist - I designed the Ruby Glow range way back in 2014 when I wanted something to grind against for orgasmic satisfaction... but there were no ride on sex toys to suit. I really felt that there must be more of us out there... so I made a shape from clay and the rest is, as they say, history.

To be fair, it has taken quite a few years for grinders and ride on vibrators and ride on sex toys to appear in the mainstream erotic buffet, but at last!

Fellow humpers, our time has come!

Essentially, two raised pads, or humps, are held in place by your pubic bone, enabling you to rock and grind your clit against the front one for maximum grinding pleasure.

Still unsure?

Please take a wee daunder around this site, on the blog you'll find various posts including a recent review in Marie Claire and some personal stories from customers, like this lovely one, Never Too Late, Good Sex Later in Life - or simply, Why Choose A Ride On Vibrator?

Ruby Glow Blush is a really unique and versatile vibrator and has an info page with illustrations from Hazel Mead to give you ideas on how to use your new favourite sex toy!

Everything here comes with free signed-for UK Royal Mail post in very discreet packaging.

Lot's of love

Tabitha x x x


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