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Viva Your Vulva! What A Show!

the text - Viva Your Vulva in pink font on top of sideways lips  with a finger pressed near them , pink background, @therubyglow

It's Festival Fringe season here in Edinburgh and I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of Viva Your Vulva - a comedy walking tour by Elaine Miller of Gusset Grippers fame.

Elaine has won awards for her comedy and dedication to pelvic floor health. A fanny physio with all the best chat, I was delighted to go along with a bunch of friends to see the show.

It's a walking tour of the old town where we learn all about hidden vulvas of the city, historical and ongoing misogyny including medical experimentation and how having a cervix is a political act. OK it doesn't sound like it should be comedy, admittedly, but Elaine delivers this eye opening show with dark humour and warmth and a great deal of bubbling rage that is incredibly engaging and will have you fired up and extremely proud of your vulva!

There's even a clench-along soundtrack to keep your foof in tip top shape. Once you've been told to do your pelvic exercises once by Elaine, you will forever hear her voice keeping you on track.

Buy your tickets here!

Another thing that shocked us on the tour was that the funding has been cut for accessible toilets during this year's Fringe. Elaine was horrified and took it upon herself to organise the mobiloo herself. this will cost £1000 for a weekend only so she has set up a crowdfunder to help with the costs.

Please, if you can, donate to make this happen but if that's not possible, please share the news that the loos will be available to those who need them on 21st and 22nd August.

I had recently been talking to Ginny from @MyDisabledSexLife who wrote this amazing guest blog last year, Orgasms For All, and she is furious at how being disabled can leave you invisible and completely uncatered for in so many situations. It is exhausting and demoralising and we all have to recognise ableism where we can and try to do something about it. The lack of accessible toilets is a prime example of this, making people feel like it doesn't matter if they can't come to an event.

Please do come to the show and support the crowdfunder however you can.

big red letters with text - VIVA YOUR VULVA with a illustrated vulva in red outline

If you follow my own blog or social media (Tabitha Rayne - Ruby Glow inventor) you might know I've been in a motorcycle accident which has resulted in quite the arm operation... well what has this got to do with a festival show about vulvas? well, I'm on some serious dihydrocodeine and morphine which has left me rather bunged up 'down below' (sorry if that's TMI but this is important) as Elaine states a lot in her work, one of the worst things you can do for your vulva is to become constipated and have to strain at the loo. She is adamant that medics do better when it comes to bowel and pelvic health, ensuring the appropriate laxative medication and advice be given. I just wanted to add this in as I had no idea straining could play a part in vaginal or other prolapse. So you BET I've been right up to the pharmacy to get all the meds to protect my precious vag and keep it safe and cosy in my pelvic basin. And yes, I also hear Elaine's lovely lilting voice telling me all about the evils of constipation! What a woman she is. Do come along to this fabulous show which runs until Aug 29th. Five stars from me!

Lots of love

Tabitha x x x



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