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Welcome to the new Ruby Glow blog!

Thank you for visiting our blog page - for the first post, we thought we'd better introduce ourselves! Ruby Glow is a non-penetrative, ride-on vibrator designed by erotic author Tabitha Rayne and manufactured by Rocks Off - the UK's largest sex toy producer.

Ruby Glow is for grinding your way to pleasure on the two vibrating pads.

We love it! You can even use it through your underwear, just pop it on your chair and jump aboard, using the two buttons at the front to control the intensity and rhythm of your ride.

A woman sits on a 1970's basket chair legs up languidly holding a pink silicon sex toy - Ruby Glow - the word Ruby Glow is superimposed on top in a pink heart
Tabitha and Ruby

To celebrate the new website and to share our excitement about the upcoming new product launch in July, use the code RUBYOG at the checkout to get £10 off your Ruby Glow Original - only until June 6th so grab it while you can! For future offers and announcements don't forget to subscribe!

We'll be back soon with more Ruby chat!

x x x


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