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An ever expanding range of award winning ride on vibrators and grinders
The Original ride on vibrator!
Ruby Glow
Do you love to hump and grind?
Ruby Glow Dusk externally massages and stimulates your clit, vulva and vagina area.
ride on wand combo!
Ruby Glow
Ruby Glow Blush transforms from a seated ride on sex toy to an internal vibrator in one easy move.

What the experts say:

If you’ve never tried a ride-on sex toy before, this one’s for you.


Ness Cooper

Marie Claire

Ruby Glow Ride on sex toys vibrator landscape

Me and Ruby Glow

Tabitha Rayne, Ruby Glow inventor making a cheeky exprssin as she holds two RubyGlow sex toys up, one as if it i a phone

Tabitha Rayne - Inventor and Writer


“I'm delighted to share my ride on sex toys with you. People who love to grind their way to orgasm have been left out of the pleasure industry for a long time. I've made it my mission since 2014 to bring an inclusive and versatile range of grinders and ride on vibrators to change that. There's so much more to come!”

Read more about Tabitha's sex toy journey here

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About Ruby


A Unique Hands-Free Experience

Ruby Glow truly believes in ‘orgasms for all’ and this range of ride on sex toys and grinder vibrators is great for women and vulva owners with reduced mobility, weakness or pain.

Designed by Tabitha Rayne and Manufactured by Rocks Off, where every sex toy comes with a 12 month guarantee, you can be sure of the quality and attention to  your pleasure.

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