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Period orgasms - Getting Off while You’re On

pink balloons held on strings with text -  Period Orgasms Getting Off while You’re On

It is true that during ovulation (the time midway through your menstrual cycle when the egg is released) your sex drive hormones and therefore libido, are higher. Makes perfect biological sense, your body is trying its hardest to get impregnated at its most fertile time. However, some folks also feel very horny during their period.

Orgasms are an absolutely fantastic way to relieve symptoms of menstrual tension. It is well known that orgasms produce an analgesic effect, helping to ease headaches and cramps but they also produce oxytocin, the love drug, to help lift those blues and soothe away grumps. You know your body best so why not indulge in some menstrual masturbation to make you feel loved up and at one with yourself.

You may feel less likely to want to use internal sex toys at this time, but you may need more than clitoral stimulation.

Woman looking relaxed and at ease with eyes closed head back tilted to the sky. she is outside on a nice day

One of the design features of the Ruby Glow is that it is non-penetrative, meaning that you can even use it while you’re wearing a moon cup or tampon. If you are using a very slim pad, it may well help you along the way to that super lovely orgasm too. Because Ruby Glow is also hands-free, you can amp up your self-care and grip a cosy hot water bottle to your tummy. Perhaps doesn’t sound too sexy, but it feels great!

We have long believed that orgasms help with many things, so don’t feel like you have to do without just because it’s your period! In fact, you might find it has added benefits. Orgasms while you are menstruating may feel different, deeper, stronger, more relaxing.

A super natural remedy to keep you feeling tiptop and joyful.

During your period is a wonderful time to practice self-care and as we like to say here at Ruby Glow HQ Self Love *is* Self Care.

Love your period!

love Ruby x




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