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See You In London For a Sex Positive Glow!

a set of rainbow lips with the word Eroticon between them

Join us next week for two fabulous events! Sex Talk and Bubbly at Sh Womenstore on the 12th March and Eroticon the erotica and sex writer conference!

Ruby Glow is a sponsor of the event which takes place at Arlington House in London on the 14th and 15th of March. If you have any interest in making a career in writing about sex in any form, this conference is a must!

You may be aware that the Ruby Glow started life as a sex aid for Tabitha Rayne as she wrote her erotic stories and wanted to grind out her pleasure while she typed her seriously hot words.

It of course has evolved since then but Tabitha and Ruby Glow make an annual pilgrimage to Eroticon, the UK's biggest sex writing conference to sponsor the event and get immersed in the word of sexy words!

a woman squeals in delight with words Ruby Glow ride on vibrators - your perfect sex writing companion

Delegates are being encouraged to do an online meet and greet so go read Tabitha's who can't wait to meet you, share ideas and introduce you to the brand new Ruby Glow Blush - the newest ride on vibrator in the Ruby Glow range!

We are very excited to have some help this year on the stand - Sex Tech ambassador Oli Lipski is with us on Saturday and sex positive champion and blogger Pink Gilly will be there on Sunday to help tell you all about the amazing features of the new Ruby Glow Blush!

As it is a writing conference, we're excited to announce Tabitha's new book of erotic stories will be officially launching in Paperback over the weekend so do keep an eye out for that too...

You can buy the ebook in PDF right here! Or over at the Kindle store for all other formats.

cover ar - woman nibbles seductively on her finger, hair fanned out on pillow - title - Drenched by Tabitha Rayne - tantalising tales to make you glow


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