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What if you Like to Hump and Grind? Orgasms for All!

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

A purple pink background with an image of the Ruby Glow with the words, for the humpers and the grinders in white, and @therubyglow

If you're someone who likes to hump and grind your way to orgasm heaven on pillows, cushions or even a lover's thigh, you might feel left out in the sex toy department.

Indeed, it was while looking for a sex toy to grind against that Tabitha Rayne, inventor of the Ruby Glow, realised there wasn't much choice for the humpers.

"I knew what I wanted to do, and that was grind and hump my way to orgasm. I thought it would be easy to find what I was looking for online but there was nothing designed for that purpose."

A lot of people first discover their orgasmic potential through humping, or wriggling against different objects. Pillows are a comforting way relieve that pent up sexual tension and feel great bundled up between your legs. Quite a few women have reported having orgasms during horse riding or climbing up ropes in the gym.

woman with eyes closed lying on white cushions and pillows - looks blissful

There's a wonderful art zine by Sophie Crow called 'Wank' where different illustrations show real masturbation techniques of selected women. What's fascinating is how many humpers and grinders there are. One woman rides her remote control, another her hairbrush, a hard ball on a chair, the back of the sofa and on it goes. It's a wonderful celebration and you can buy it from Etsy.

So if you've found yourself grinding away and felt you were unusual, come on over, you are totally one of us! Humpers and Grinders are all around and now we have a sex toy designed perfectly for our needs.

A woman running and splashing through the sea with a Ruby Glow on top with words, every day's humpday with Ruby Glow

Ruby Glow is held in place by your pubic bone keeping it secure between your legs as you rock and grind your way to your pleasure. You are in control of how you tilt and ride, adjusting the buttons and vibration patterns as you go.

We are the humpers!


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