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Know Your Vulva!

pink background with three illustrated vulvas - each one very different - with words Know Your Vulva over the top - by Rach Jardine
Know Your Vulva header image by Rachel Jardine

If you’re lucky enough to own a vulva, or have one in your life, then you really should Know Your Vulva!

Since the anatomy of the clitoris was a bit of a mystery until very recently considering how much is known about the penis, you’d definitely be forgiven for not quite knowing what bits go where!

Indeed, my own understanding was actually a bit impeded by models and illustrations of the clitoris independent of the body. It was great to see the structure with all its fronds, shaft and little head, but even I, someone who invents sex toys, was confused about where it all fits together in the vulva and pubic region.

I couldn’t work out where the clitoral shaft sat in relation to the pubic bone, was it deep inside and hook over the top? Might sound ridiculous to you, but after I did a bit more research I realised that maybe other people held similar confusion or ideas of where everything fits together.

After all, we are really only really just learning just how wonderful and varied vulvas are – as illustrated by the magnificent header painting above by Rachel Jardine – a wonderful sex positive artist. I am ever so pleased she agreed to make this picture for this blog!

So let’s start with the glorious vulva!

I’ve made some annotated illustrations to hopefully make these descriptions easier to follow.

an illustration with labels to show pubic mound, outer labia, inner labia, clitoris, urethral opening, vaginal opening, perineum and anus for Know your Vulva blog
The Vulva

Outside the body you will see the labia majora – padded protective lips, often with pubic hair

The labia minora are the fleshy wrinkly inner lips which may protrude or be hidden

At the top of the vulva is the pubic bone or mons

The tip of the clitoris, or glans which might be visible beneath the clitoral hood sits at the top of the vulva nestled low on the pubic mound or mons

The smooth skin down between the vaginal entrance and anus is called the perineum.

illustrated vulva showing labia minora, clitoral hood and glans, urethra and vaginal entrance for Know your Vulva
Labia minora

Open up the labia and you’ll see the clitoral hood - the clitoris glans may be visible too

Below is the small urethral opening (pee hole) and just below that is the larger vaginal entrance

The inner labia are as unique as you are - I recommend visiting the Vulva Gallery to see examples of how varied we are

illustration of the clitoris body showing clitoris glans, hood and shaft leading to two thin arm like structures called crus and two fatter paddles called the bulbs of vestibule - for Know your Vulva blog

The clitoris

The clitoris is held in place on the pubic bone by suspensory ligaments which connect to the clitoral hood (see video below)

The crus and bulbs of vestibule are those wing/flipper type parts of the clitoris, like little arms or fronds that go inside your body either side of the vaginal canal, almost hugging it if you like

You can imagine when everything is aroused and engorged, the arms and fronds of the clit will be getting stimulated from the inside too if you are having anything penetrate the vagina

I made this little film to go along and explain where the bits go – it made sense to me to start from the clitoris and then build up the layers to the lovely vulva at the end.

Your vulva is amazing!

A great site to explore to see just how wonderful and varied vulvas are is The Vulva Gallery where you’ll find a moving and celebratory display of vulvas in all their illustrated glory.

This information is really just scratching the surface but I hope it's helped to explain where your clitoris, an organ solely dedicated to your pleasure is situated within your body and vulva. Imagine that! An entire organ for one purpose - your orgasms!

A great reason to fully get to know your vulva!

If you enjoyed this, why not read all about why period orgasms are so good for you...

And I'm pleased to announce that Ruby Glow Dusks are back in stock.

Love Tabitha and Ruby Glow x x


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