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Your Ruby Glow Delivery - a COVID-19 Update

sky in the background with Your Ruby Glow Delivery in pink and a love heart

Hi there - first of all, we at Ruby Glow HQ truly hope you are fit, feeling good and are managing to cope well with self isolation. We feel blessed to be in times where reaching out to friends and family can still happen through technology. Something we're very grateful with our own experience.

I'm sure by now most of us have been touched in some way by the corona virus: friends, colleagues, family, we surely all know someone by now who has been hit by the disease.

We want to send you all so much love right now.

We also need to let you know that our supply chain has met with a little delay which means we are now looking at an estimated four to six weeks for delivery (and possibly longer outside the UK) - we know this can be frustrating, particularly if you are isolating with quite a lot of time on your hands! We are working very hard to reduce this wait and will send out another update as soon as we have any news.

If you are happy to wait, thank you for your support - it means a lot to have your trust like that.

If you simply can't wait (and we totally understand that too! :D ) a big supported of Ruby Glow is Sh Womenstore in London who still have lots of stock and send worldwide - so you can shop there. Please be aware though, if you have a discount code for this site, you can't transfer it over to Sh - we're sorry about that.

We can't apologise enough for the inconvenience and wish you so many orgasms whatever way you choose to get yours ;)

If your libido could do with a boost why not try some ethical female friendly porn over at FrolicMe, listen to some delicious audio porn over at Girl on the Net, or read some wonderful erotica - you can buy a PDF of Tabitha's book Drenched right here or go and check out her Great Sites For You page where there are lots of links to some great sexy wordsmiths to lift and reconnect you to your saucy side.

Self care is so important during this time and Tabitha (Ruby Glow's inventor) is also starting her 30 Days of Orgasm Fun today - self pleasure to lift your mood. It's not a challenge, just a light hearted way to reconnect you with your body every day.

If you'd like to hear all about why Ruby Glow was invented - listen to Tabitha talk to Hannah Witton on her brilliant DoingIt podcast!

So much love to you from us at Ruby Glow HQ.

x x x



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