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Ruby Glow Blush has Arrived!

a side view of Ruby Glow Blush - crimson cradle and wand - three humps and a remote control with words, Check It Out - Ruby Glow Blush is Here in hideous bright green font and a yellow lightning bolt - it's a bit of a mess really but never mind :D

I am literally hyperventilating while I type this! As some of you might know, Ruby Glow Blush has been over seven years from concept to product with a few delays along the way.

Ruby Glow original is a saddle style toy I invented to ride on hands free so I could write erotic romance :D I really didn't see any sex toys out there for people like me who liked to grind and hump. I pitched two concepts to Rocks Off (who manufacture my toys) back in 2015.

In order for the second design to make it into an actual product, the little Ruby Glow original had to prove itself in the market.

I've absolutely had an incredible time meeting others who share a desire for different kinds of pleasure aids - mainly those who may have been overlooked in the sex toy world previously. Read more here about the Vaginismus Network and this amazing post on sex and disability written by Ginny from MyDisabledSexLife. Meeting people and finding out there is a real need for alternative choices when it comes sex toys, has given me the drive to persevere and get wee Ruby Glow on the map.

a gif od a blue ruby glow blush wand spinning - like a wheel of fortune, over image of  a series of 4 illustrations by Hazel Mead - the first shows a nude figure lying back pleasuring themself with a Ruby Glow wand - red image - next purple image of woman riding the ruby glow ride on sex toy on her bed wearing undies, lilac tones, next a person looks cheekily over their shoulder holding the wand part of the toy to their bottom - with words, cheeky bum fun around, last image dark blue hues with a couple showing the remote control in use for partnered pleasure.
so many choices!

I am absolutely over the moon to say that with your help, we've done just that, and more!

Thank you for sticking with me and Ruby Glow - or if you're new, what a GREAT time to join us!

Ruby Glow Blush has arrived! I have received the first shipment and will be packing up orders over the weekend to send out on Monday.

I'll be sharing the news on social media and doing an actual UNBOXING at some point very soon - I'm hoping to be brave and do it Live so keep an eye out for this hashtag #RubyGlowBlushUnboxing

Thanks again

Lots of love

Tabitha and Ruby Glow x x x



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