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Thank You For Your Patience!

I'm so grateful for your support and patience while we wait for Ruby Glow

to arrive back in stock!

If you order before the 9th March, remember to choose Standard Delivery at checkout and I'll upgrade to tracked for free. If you can't bear to wait, email me and I'll locate a retailer who currently has them on their shelves and ready to send!

You'll be humping away to orgasmic bliss before you know it!

To fill the time, you can still read my ebook, Drenched to get you in the mood. Erotic short stories to inspire desire ;) As an extra thank you, please use the code DRENCHED at checkout to get this collection for free while you wait!

This has been a long year of waiting, so thank you for sticking us at this time.

With love and hopeful hugs,

Tabitha and Ruby Glow! x x x


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